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Introducing Rubaroc. Premium Rubber coating system since 1983. Rubaroc is the perfect solution for Decks, patios, swimming pool Surrounds, playgrounds, sports courts, etc 



Rubaroc provides a Superior anti slip surface making it ideal for any pool surround, and is far more forgiving then concrete. It's a beautiful decorative system that can be used to repair your failing pool surround. It's a flexible rubber so it wont chip, crack, break, or tear. When you desire Safety but not at the expense of Beauty, Rubaroc is the system for you.

Backed by a Full 10 year Warranty or more!    

Click to watch a Video Here!!       Bounces Like Rubber, Wears Like Rock!!!

RubaRoc Can be applied over almost any surface. Rubaroc is a superior product for Utah's Freezing winters and Hot Summers. Because it's rubber it expands and contracts with the outside temperature without any issues!! Here are a few more projects that have been completed using our Rubaroc system!  Waterproof Decks, Garages, Driveways, Gym Floors (Drop your weights right onto the floor) playgrounds, even horse trailer's and stalls. There's nothing this system can't do.

Unbeatable performance!!

RubaRoc Color Samples

Sample  Color Blends

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